Integrated noise monitoring solution

Nethix Noise Cloud provides a complete, secure and user-friendly solution for the monitoring of environmental noise. It allows to monitor in real-time and autonomously dozens or hundreds of sound level meters and display their noise measurements and statistics in a user-friendly interface.



Nethix Noise Cloud is a stand-alone solution. The system does not need any kind of on-site human interaction after installation and setup. No more frequent visits to remote sites are required to retrieve data from the sound level meter memory.


All the communication takes place using encrypted channels such as HTTPS and VPN. Nethix Noise Cloud is a multi-user platform in which users have different privileges that allow several levels of control and monitoring, enhancing the system security.

User friendly

Nethix Noise Cloud provides an intuitive and versatile web interface. The data can be displayed according to its meaning: octaves can be displayed with spectrograms, and statistical data, such as L01 – L99, can be displayed using multi-trace charts.

Always connected

The iOS and Android apps allow to monitor all the sound level meters measurements at any moment from mobile devices, whilst the web interface is reachable from the most widely-used mobile and desktop browsers.


Reduce maintenance costs by allowing a complete remote monitoring of the system.
Increases customer satisfaction through reliable and long-term support.
Facilitates the real-time monitoring of many sound level meters simultaneously.
Provides an off-the-shelf solution.


The system is composed of several elements: the sound level meter, the remote monitoring and control device WE500, the Nethix cloud service and the mobile apps. All these elements work together creating a simple data flow:

1. The sound level meter is connected to WE500 that reads the measurements in real-time. WE500 needs only a data enabled SIM card and a power source. Environmental sensors can also be connected to WE500.

2. WE500 sends the data through a 2G/3G/4G data connection to Nethix cloud using a secure channel. WE500 can also send the data through LAN or WLAN.

3. The received data is displayed by Nethix cloud in a suitable format according to its meaning: spectrograms, multi-trace charts, gauges and schematics. The data can be accessed through mobile devices or desktop browsers. This data can also be exported using standard formats such as CSV and XLS for further processing.


Advanced features

The system provides an advanced alert system that detects and reports high noise levels and sends notifications to selected users by SMS or email. WE500 can also send data to an FTP server, Dropbox and several well-known IoT platforms.

Customizable and compatibility

Nethix Noise Cloud is compatible with almost all models of sound level meters available on the market that provide an RS232 or USB connection and a documented protocol. It can also be integrated to other sources, such as weather sensors (temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction) and GPS, using the available channels and protocols.

Sound Level Meter





WE500 Noise Cloud can be used in all applications that require real-time access to noise measurements or even off-line data storage for post-processing.

  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Wind turbine noise
  • Construction site noise monitoring
  • Transport noise: road, rail and air
  • Sports and entertainment events


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