Manual for thermostat and generic control


1. Overview

WE110 is a universal and user friendly GSM/SMS remote controller.

WE110 remotely turns-on/off and control electrical appliances using a mobile phone.

Just an SMS or a voice call is required to operate the it. WE110 can be used in remote control and home automation applications:

  • Heating/Air conditioning

    Preset the desidered temperature and turn on or off the system

  • Home/Building automation

    Control lights, security systems, water irrigation, pumps and motors

Read also the WE110 Manual for gate opener.

2. Technical characteristics

Characteristic Description
Communications Integrated GSM/GPRS Quad band modem SIM CARD reader included Provided with GSM Dual band antenna

1 dry contact digital input

1 relay output (1A-230VAC / 1A-30VDC)

1 analog input for temperature probe (NTC 10 KOhm included)

Button Functionality depends on system configuration. See 4.1. Front panel button
Power supply Low tension 12-24VAC - 9-32VDC
Consumption Average 100mA, transmitting 400mA, max pulsed 1,8A
Size (L x W x H) 40 x 23 x 85mm
Weight 52 gr
Storage temperature -25°C - +85°C
Working temperature -15°C - +55°C
Humidity 0% - 80% (non condensing)

3. Pinout and connection

PIN Description
1 Relay A
2 Relay B
3 Power source VAC1
4 Power source VAC2
5 GND (temperature probe)
6 Input (temperature probe)
7 SIM card slot
9 Button

4. Installation and setup

  • Disable the PIN for the SIM card to be used in the WE110, using a standard GSM cell phone. Refer to the phone user manual for details.
  • Insert the SIM card in the slot.
  • Connect the thermistor. Connect the input and output signals to the controlled device as required by the application.
  • Screw the antenna provided in the SMA RF connector, then connect power leads and power on the device.

System startup takes approximately 45 seconds, during which the LED in the front side panel show diagnostic information as detailed in the following table:

LED status at boot time

LED color Status Descriprtion
../_images/red_led.png Fast blinking The WE110 is booting
../_images/red_led.png Turned-on for 5 seconds, then it will reboot Network registration error or SIM error
../_images/blue_led.png Fast blinking for 3 seconds From this moment, the WE110 is fully operative

LED status at normal operation

There are two normal conditions that are shown with two different LED status

  • The system LED (green)
  • The signal LED (red or blue)

System LED

In thermostat mode:

LED color Status Descriprtion
../_images/green_led.png Slow blinking, each 0.6s The system is active and the relay is opened
../_images/green_led.png Turned-on The system is active and the relay is closed
../_images/black_led.png Turned-off The system is inactive

In telecontrol mode:

LED color Status Descriprtion
../_images/green_led.png Slow blinking, each 0.6s The relay is in pulse mode
../_images/green_led.png Turned-on The relay is closed
../_images/black_led.png Turned-off The relay is opened

Signal LED

LED color Status Descriprtion
../_images/blue_led.png Turned-on The signal is good
../_images/blue_led.png Slow blinking, each 0.6s The signal is sufficient
../_images/red_led.png Slow blinking, each 0.6s The signal is not good

For example if the relay is closed and there is a sufficient signal, the LED status will blink in the following way:


All setup and control activities of the device are carried out sending and receiving SMS messages.


The text in bold denotes strings to be typed and sent to the device.

For example, STATUS means that a SMS containing the word STATUS will be sent to the device.

WE110 can operate in two different ways, that can be selected using the SET command, as explained below:

  • Thermostat: for both air conditioning and heating applications
  • Remote control for general use

WE110 is factory preset to operate in heating thermostat mode.

To request systems status send a message to the device with the STATUS command. The device replies with a SMS carrying all the status information.

To enable the thermostat function and preset temperature to 20°C degrees send ON 20. To switch off the thermostat relay send OFF command.

GREEN LED in Thermostat mode: GREEN ON, thermostat enabled, heating on Blinking GREEN, thermostat enabled, heating off GREEN OFF, thermostat disabled, heating off

To switch on the relay output, in general remote control mode, send ON command. To switch off the relay send OFF.

In both operating modes (thermostat and remote control) the output switch-on and switch-off can be controlled also sending a RING (i.e. calling the number of the WE110). WE110 hangs up and sends back a RING to the caller to confirm that the command has been received and executed. Note: this way of controlling output is enabled only if the caller number has previously been inserted in the users list, through the USER command explained below.

GREEN LED in general remote control mode: GREEN on, output active, relay contact closed Blinking GREEN, output active in pulsed mode GREEN off, output disabled, relay contact open

WE110 can be programmed to reply with a confirmation message every time a command is received and executed. To enable the confirmation message send the command CONFIRM ON. To disable the feature send CONFIRM OFF.

4.1. Front panel button

The button located in the front panel has the following functionalities if an alarm condition has not been programmed:

  • In remote control mode, when shortly pressed, allow to change the output state
  • In thermostat mode, when shortly pressed, allows to enable or disable the thermostat feature

5. Using the device: APP

The easiest way to program and use WE110 is by downloading the app for Android and iOS.

The app provides a configuration wizard and an user-friendly interface:

../_images/main_menu.png ../_images/mode.png ../_images/heating.png

6. Using the device: SMS

6.1. User management

Up to five users can be inserted in the users list. Only registered users will be able to operate the device and will receive messages in case of alarms or programmed input conditions.

To add user 1 to the list send the following command:

USER 1 <tel number>

For example:

USER 1 +391231231234 - Adds user 1 that has phone number +391231231234

USER 2 +394564564567 - Adds user 2 with a phone number +394564564567

To delete users from the list send the USER command followed by the number of the user to delete:

USER 1 - Delete user 1 from the list.

USER 2 - Delete user 2 from the list.

To receive the full list of enabled users send the USER command with no additional parameters.

6.2. Alarm management

When using the device in thermostat mode, the thresholds too-hot and too-cold can be preset. When the measured temperature reaches the preset thresholds the device sends an alarm message to all users in the users list.

To set the too-cold threshold (anti-freeze feature) send the command:

NOFREEZE 6 Too-cold alarm

The text Too-cold alarm is an example of the alarm SMS message. It can be customized by the user.

To set the “too-hot” threshold, send:

OVERTEMP 25 Too-hot alarm

The text Too-hot alarm is an example of the alarm SMS message. It can be customized by the user.

The command FREEZE ON programs the device to close the relay output automatically when the measured temperature goes lower than the too-cold threshold.

The command FREEZE OFF disables this feature.

When using the device in remote control mode, it’s possible to send a SMS when the input signal changes state. For example, the command

ALARM 1 ON 60 Alarm

sends a message with the text Alarm 60 seconds after the digital input is closed.

6.3. GSM signal level

To know the GSM RF signal level send the SIGNAL command. The device replies with a level number between 1 and 30:

  • 1 to 7: GSM signal is too low for a correct operation of the device
  • 8 to 12: GSM signal is low
  • 13 to 18: GSM signal is good
  • Higher than 18: GSM signal is very good

6.4. Factory reset

To restore the device to its factory default send the command DEFAULT.

6.5. Advanced SMS

ALARM <input state> <ON/OFF> <delay> <message>
Enable an alarm condition: the WE110 sends the specified alarm message when the digital input changes its state. It’s possible to program two alarm conditions at the same time: one when the digital input contact closes and one when it opens
<input state>

0 – sends the message when the contact opens

1 – sends the message when the contact closes


ON to enable

OFF to disable

<delay> Delay in seconds before sending the specified message when the digital input changes state
<message> The user-defined message

ALARM 1 ON 60 Alarm

Send an alarm SMS message 60 seconds after the contact closed

CENTER <SMS center number>
Set the operator’s SERVICE CENTER number

CENTER +393492000200

Set the service center of Vodafone Italy

SMS service center numbers
Country Operator Number
Italy TIM +393359609600
Italy Vodafone +393492000200
Italy Wind +393205858500
SET <mode> <offset> <delay> <param>
Set WE110 operating mode

Operating mode:

1: Heating thermostat 2: Cooling thermostat 3: Remote control for general user


In Thermostat Mode: Correction applied to the measured temperature (tenths of °C are added to the measured value)

In Remote Control Mode: the time that the output relay will remain closed when activated (when zero the output is always ON/OFF, otherwise the output is in pulse mode)


In Thermostat Mode: output activation delay

In Remote Control Mode: Discarded


In Thermostat Mode: thermostat hysteresis in tenths of °C

In Remote Control Mode: Discarded


SET 1 10 120 5

Set WE110 to operate in heating thermostat mode, with a correction on temperature measurement of +1°C, a delay of 120 seconds and an hysteresis of 0.5°C. This means that when the thermistor measures 18°C, the device switches on the output at 19,5°C and switches off at 18,5°C, after a delay of two minutes).

Request device configuration
Example CONFIG
Reply message




Request firmware and hardware version
Reply message Fw Version:1.0.0 Hw:1.0
Show command list
Example HELP
Reply message


list of commands

Enable/Disable any users to send SMS to the device


Any user is allowed to program and configure the device regardless of the user list stored in the device



Only users included in the user list stored in the device are allowed to program and configure it


After a factory reset the WE110 will function in ALL ON mode, so every user can program and configure the device.

Remember to set the device in ALL OFF mode after initial programming.

6.6. Chronothermostat commands

Through this command it’s possible to get the time information, if previously set on the WE110.
Through this command is possible to set the clock in manual mode. The WE110 will extract the correct date and time from the same command SMS. In case of power failure, if the WE110 is in manual mode, all clock settings will be lost until the next sending of a CLOCK MAN command.
The first command defines the number of the SIM Card inserted in the WE110. This number must be recorded exclusively on position 0, in order not to loose the time settings in case of device’s shut down. The WE110 extracts the time settings automatically from the CLOCK AUTO message and sends an SMS to its own number everytime the device switch off/on, in order to restore the time settings.
PROG <days> <starting time><temperature> [<starting time><temperature> <starting time><temperature> …]
With the command PROG it’s possible to set all configurations of the chronothermostat
days days of the week: * 1: monday * 2: tuesday * 3: wednesday * 4: thursday * 5: friday * 6: saturday * 7: sunday
<starting time><temperature>

starting time: it defines the starting time in 24 hours format 08:00

temperature: indicates the temperature required from the time set, expressed in format: “T”+”temperature” in Celsius degrees T21

It’s allowed to set max 6 time intervals for each program. The time must be entered considering mutiples of 15 minutes.

Instead of temperature it’s possible to set the switch off/on of the device through the parameters OFF and ON. The parameter ON, will take as reference the temperature originally set in the thermostat.

Example PROG 125 08:00T21 09:30T18 11:15OFF 13:30ON 17:45T25
Switches on the chronothermostat function.
Switches off the chronthermostat function.
SWITCHON <temperature> <hours>
It switches on the thermostat for a certain interval, without programming the chronothermostat.
temperature: this is the parameter, that the WE110 takes as reference for setting the
hours hours: this indicates the time the WE110 has to keep the set temperature before switching off
Example SWITCHON 23 4

6.7. Back-up battery (optional)

The device version WE110/B is equipped with an internal back-up battery, designed to send an SMS notification in case of power failure longer than 5 seconds time.

Independently from the pre-set mode, it’s possible to enable this function by using the command PWRMON:

PWRMON <telephone>
It enables the notification of power failure.
telephone telephone: The telephone number defined to receive the SMS
Example PWRMON +391234567890
Message text sent by the device in case of power failure Power supply off

To disable this function, send the following command:

It disables the function of power failure notification.


The internal battery powers the device for the time required to send the SMS notification.

After 30 seconds from the power failure the device will switch off.

7. Safety guidelines

  • Nethix products support SIM cards from providers of all around the world, particularly from Europe Africa and Asia. However, there could be some incompatible SIM cards.
  • The device cannot receive/send SMS nor RING if the SIM card is not enabled to GSM services and network or credit is not available (if prepaid card is used).
  • Verify that the device is operated in an area covered by GSM network with sufficient signal strength for granting proper functioning.
  • In case of questions or doubts regarding the cost of the SMS service consult your Network Provider.
  • This device is only suitable for being installed by a qualified operator
  • Nethix is not responsible for improper use and/or its side effects
  • Nethix products are designed for typical use in industrial automation and/or home applications.

If you plan to use Nethix products in special applications where anomalies and discontinuity of service can have serious effect on human life or can cause physical or material damages, or where extremely high levels of reliability are required (for example in aerospace systems, in atomic energy control systems or n electro-medical devices), please contact Nethix for support to your particular application. Nethix is not responsible of damages caused from its products if such applications are not previously authorized.

not_recyclable The product shall not be treated as household waste. It shall be instead handed over to an appropriate collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic products. For further information about recycling of this product, contact the local city office and/or the local waste disposal service.

8. Warranty and support

Nethix warrants to the buyer that the product will be defect-free within two years (24 months) from the date of purchase.

During warranty time, and against presentation of purchase invoice, the product will be repaired or replaced, at Nethix’s discretion, without any additional costs as regards spare parts and repair, if the damages are proven to be manufacturing defects.

Warranty will be voided if the product has not been used properly.

In case of technical problems the user can ask for support:

9. Return and repair

Product return to NETHIX must be previously authorized, requesting a RMA number.

Please send an Email at Nethix containing all following information:

  • Complete customer’s name and address
  • Distributor’s or Reseller’s name and address
  • Date of purchase
  • Product P/N and S/N as displayed on the product or the package
  • Detailed description of fault and/or reason for return

Nethix will communicate the RMA number, in order to start the return procedure of the product. The delivery of the goods shall be arranged DDP at Nethix premises. Products returned without factory seals will be automatically treated as out-of-warranty repair services.