Quick start guide


1. Overview

This document provides the necessary information for starting-up the device and log in into the web interface.

Further information regarding the web interface and the functionality of the WE500R, can be obtained from the official WE500R documentation.

2. Inserting the SIM cards

While the device is turned-off, insert the SIM cards as shown in the diagram.


Connect the antenna and the RJ-45 Ethernet cable to the proper connectors. Be sure that the device is not powered before inserting the SIM card.


In case that 2 SIM cards are used, the policy that decides how to used them can be chosen later through the web interface.

3. Turning-on the device

Connect the power source cable. The Power LED will be turned on immediately and the MODEM LED will start blinking.


After approximately 40 seconds, the system will become fully operative and the RUN LED will be turned on. When a GPRS/HSPA connection is established, the MODEM LED will be turned-on, otherwise it will blink or will be turned off.


4. Logging in

The default network configuration for connecting to the WE500R is:

  • IP address:
  • Netmask:
  • Gateway:
  • Dns:

It is necessary that the PC used for connecting to the WE500R belongs to the same network 192.168.1.x. For connecting to the WE500R, use a standard web browser and enter the following address in the URL bar:


The authentication procedure of the web interface will ask for the user credentials. The default username and password are the following:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


It’s strongly recommended to change the default password after the first login.


Complete manual available at http://nethix.co/doc/en/we500r/we500_sw_manual.html