Firmware update


1. Overview

This guide explains how to update the WE120 firmware using the Genesys application.

2. Requirements

  1. Download the required application and the latest firmware:

Genesys 3:


  1. Install the Genesys 3 application. For details, please read the Genesys 3 installation.
  2. Launch the Genesys 3 application.
  3. Turn-on the WE120. For details, please read how to properly turn-on the device.
  4. Connect the WE120 to the PC. For details, please read the guide for connecting the WE120 to a computer.

3. Firmware update using Genesys 3

  1. In the Genesys 3 application, in the left-side menu, click on the System option.

  1. Click on the Update tab.

  1. Click Select file and select the firmware file previously downloaded.

  1. Click on the Update button.

  1. Once the upload procedure is started, Genesys 3 will ask to turn-off and turn-on the WE120.

  1. At this point the proper update to the device will take place. The progress bar indicates the status of the update procedure.


Non scollegare o spegnere il WE120 durante la procedura di aggiornamento.


After the update is done, the WE120 will be restarted and will be ready for use. Disconnect the WE120 from the computer.

Further information regarding the WE120 can be found in its product section.

Further information regarding the Genesys 3 can be found in its manual.