1. Why the WE500 does not receive any message or it does not reply to commands?

Please check the following conditions:

  • Check that the SIM card is correctly inserted.
  • Check that the SIM card is not locked with a PIN.
  • Check that the GSM signal strength is sufficient.
  • If already registered as a user, check that the network operator service center number exists and is correct.

2. At what point should the GPRS light come up?

You have to configure first the HSPA connectivity and the SIM. Go to Administration -> Networking -> SIM and enter the APN that the provider gave you with the SIM (may be you’ll have to call them or check their website). The other fields can remain empty.

Then, go to Administration -> Networking -> GPRS/HSPA, in the Connection mode section, click on the enable checkbox and save.

The GPRS/HSPA connectivity may take a couple of minutes and when the connection is established, the GPRS LED will turn on.

3. How to use a SIM card?

The SIM card is required for remote monitoring and controlling the WE500, sending data to an IoT platform, such as the Nethix Portal, sending/receiving SMS and emails and serveral other networking actions.

The SIM card allows to establish a 2G/3G/4G data connection to/from the device.

There is a simple 3 step procedure for configuring a data connection with a SIM card:

  1. SIM card: You would need to buy a SIM card that allows data traffic. Normally, the telephone carriers called them M2M SIMs and have a flat rate or 1-2GB of traffic. There are also pay-as-you-go SIM cards. Once you have the SIM, you have to turn-off the WE500, insert the SIM and turn it on again. Check how to insert the SIM card section of the hardware manual.
  2. Enable the SIM: Log in into the WE500, and go to Administration → Networking → SIM and set the APN that the telephone carrier must give you. The other parameters are optional and depends on the telephone carrier and SIM.
  3. Enable the data connection: Go to Administration → Networking → HSPA and enable the Connection mode.

At this point you can configure the service you desire such as sending emails or sending data to an IoT platform.

Notice that the WE500’s status panel at the right will display a green LED indicating that the connection is established along with the telephone carrier name and IP address.

You can also read the specific chapters on the software manual.


Complete manual available at https://nethix.co/doc/en/we500/we500_sw_manual.html